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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

life flashes befor the end (final thoughts)


hands shaking. he reaches for his last cigarette, takes a drag.
deliverance is quick, but he's still feeling sick. there's a lot on his mind,
everything's alright but he'll never be fine.

some how he knows she'll leave him tonight.
he'll wake up alone in the bleak of the night.
he knows when he needs it the most.
there will be no one there to hold him close.

rubbing his hands together to fight the cold,
he loosens his tie, he starts to feel old.
his only son just made 21 he left home on a whim
and never looked back to see him again.

now his heart is feeling loose,
it might fall out of his chest.
he looks to the sky, he knows he's in distress.
stubborn to the end, hes smiling he refuses to cry.
maybe its easier just to die.
he's smiling he refuses to cry

peace always,