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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Caught in the Light

Were caught in the lights/we'll never blend in/ the lights shine harshly against our skin/ there's no way ever out/ and no way ever in/ the subways bright, but its still our friend/ subterranean lights never give us up/ but we stay broad day, like it brings us luck/ and all the shadows that fall on us call on us/ but we turn our backs to the darkness that spayed us/ not to say it never shades us/ but we live for the society that made us/ against all else that betrayed us/ all the glorious plans still in my head/ they want us dead because we stay one step ahead/ we want to go just as bad as they want us gone/ and even so its still hard to get along/

peace always,


Saturday, August 22, 2009

these words will never hurt you {short poem}

Were all bound by words that never seems to hurt you/ but dammit ill curse you/ and hope that it hurts too/ but you'll stay strong whatever I do/ and with you my words never hold/ they always slip through, no matter how cold...

peace always,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nothing left to say

We're here and there's no one around.
Her whispers in my ear ring out loud enough to hear. And when she left,
it felt like sudden death. the way we departed so quickly left me sickly
without breath. Her touch is like sudden awaking to me, and you see, its
not that hard miss her, when all I want is to kiss her. What's worst
there's a time here specifically for breaking hearts. It hurts here and
there and in any other parts. We've landed somewhere completely out of
the way, and I'm sure you can guess there was nothing left to say.

peace always,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All the Broken Things

Here's a TOKEN for every promise BROKEN
and every lie ever SPOKEN, every word I've ever CHOCK-IN,
ON that never lasted as LONG, as my REGRET
and i'd BET there's nothing left to LET,
GO and if you KNOW, why cant you GO any longer
just to SHOW, you CARE and your AWARE,
of every mistake you've ever MADE
and with these mistakes every card you've ever LAID
down on the TABLE, to pick them up whenever you were willing and ABLE,
each time never thinking what it'd mean to ME
and all the things you failed to BE
not to mention all the things you failed to SEE...

peace always,

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Memory of the Former you.

Here a memory of your face frozen in delight/

Flickering sparks of happiness glisten in the light/

Aspirations of your former self here stuck like glue/

A sickening and constant reminder of the real you/

Every day you move forward leaving behind your past/

Times moving so slowly but still it never seems to last/

And while you’ve lost yourself here in all the depression/

It’s been a long time but the pain didn’t lessen/

Are you still looking for inspiration? /

Well you can find it anywhere/

Love’s a great place to start but love’s never really fair/

Tell me how you’ve lost all your cares and all your dreams/

How life appeared before you and it’s never really what it seems/

peace always,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Memories (lyric)

Memories, I cant forget about you
Memories, I cant live without you
After all these years, I’m thinking about you.

Memories, please stay with me
Memories, like your towering over my head.

I left my love, and left my love behind
hoping to find her in time
Just beyond those doorways
Just beyond mine

I left behind my heart
I hope to find in time
I’m holding your hand
And your holding mine

Just beyond those doorways
Like the old days
They wont stay away
And I’m keeping them dear to me

Memories, I cant forget about you
Memories, I cant live without you
After all these years, I’m thinking about you.

Memories, please stay with me
Memories, like your towering over my head.

peace always,

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ive kept it all this time/
i really wanted to let it go/
ive kept it just for you/
i really wanted you to know/
ive never found anyone more special/
noone any more deserving than you/
noone quite as beautiful/
who's gone what you've been through/
all this time ive been waiting/
been waiting here all alone/
ive been here quite a while/
you should see how much ive grown/
i guess im doing this all for you/
although you've never seemed to return/
if you'd come and where'd you'd gone/
was never really my concern/
this place is lonley somtimes/
with all this darkness in my heart/
i wish you'd come back for me soon/
i really cant stand being apart./
i know its impossible id ever see you again/
you've gone and passed away/
with only a few words between us/
i still have so much left to say...

peace always,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heart Crimes

love is high nigh and we're running out of time.
emotion is both a sickness and an organized crime.
but irregardless ill take you quickly in my arms
where you will become the greatest victim to my charms
your waist would fall perfectly in place of my hands
where they would then meet all your bodies demands
but you know they would only try to break us apart
because love is known here as a transgression of the heart
i guess we'll have to be undercover lovers
but we'd love no other as we love one another
we've commited a crime of embrace
i commited a crime when i touched your face
and when my finger tips are brushing passed your lips
there's no greater crime than how my heart skips

peace always,

Monday, July 20, 2009

That Girl (lyric)

im looking through her photographs but im having such a hard time finding her/
every one looks different from before/

looks like she's lost her self again/
but i guess this way she'll make herself a friend/
because no one but me, likes to see...that girl/

Oh dear have you really forgotten/
I hope your not still feeling rotten/
if this is the end where should we begin?/
I believe in you, so who do you believe in?/

is it to much just to come by and talk for a little while/
are you afraid ill kiss your lips and make you smile/
ill hold your hand and make it all worthwhile/
but you'll leave me empty in the end/
after all we're still only just friends/

im looking through her photographs but im having such a hard time finding her/
every one looks different from before/

looks like she's lost her self again/
but i guess this way she'll make herself a friend/
because no one but me, likes to see...that girl/


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here We Are.

here we are, and believe me, laughter is still a virtue
but you lost your charms, here in my arms, and still i swear i would never hurt you
forgotten your pride, here by my side, wondering if you'd ever make a break through
you try so hard, and end up scarred, but you know i could never hate you

when your sitting at home, and feeling alone, and have no one to guide you
don't feel down, just turn around, and find me there beside you.
id hold you close, and love you the most, still knowing im the one you lied to
i'd be your friend, and hold your hand, being happy just knowing i'd tired to

peace always,

Friday, July 17, 2009

To find what your looking for..

you seem like your looking for something.
i wish i could help you find it...
now where do you think they'd hide it?
and what does it have inside it?

just let me try
ill make you feel whole
sweet breaths of life into your soul
an awkward happiness no one can control

do you see it?
let your eyes grow wide
let your heart beat faster, there's nowhere to hide
let it touch your skin, and let go of your pride

oh we found it!
is it soupose to feel like this?
it feels so good,the feeling is bliss
oh it only starts from here, and ends with a kiss..

peace always,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Golden Moments

everyones here circling air, holding on for golden moments
laughing histircally through broken sonets
and how long will thier tears have to fall any harder
befor somone becomes a matar
some still just strolling along for thier happy steps
unknowing of secrets so quitley kept
they trade in these golden momments for silver wont it's
but they will never find a cure of it, im sure of it..

peace always,

A Picture of you

Gone with the storm and the wind outside my window/Peered in to her face searching for signs of a heart/She doesn’t know what can make me can also tear me apart/A fading and brief desire fell silently from her face/Something sad about is what brought me near/But I’m brooding amongst the fog and so it’s never clear/ Yesterday I went looking; I found nothing I could share/ Like someone looking for a conscious that was never there/ I walked atop the past and still did not find her/ Hopes of something better embraced my thoughts/ And something weary passes against what I was taught/ Gentle steps of mine scaling along the walk/ Unfamiliar faces cautiously pass/ Silently in wonder of the eyes that I cast/ I guess I came to silent darkness/ Because no one else was home/ I sat there heart filled/Even though I was alone/ Reassured a somber time/ No one cared or had a clue/ A small grayscale image/ it was a picture of you/ I’ll never know exactly about that memory of her face/ But the expression that sat there, clearly, was something I wanted to embrace/

peace always,

Questions and Answers About a Love Memory

how many times can i send you a suprise/ counting each one as a bundle of love/ consider it fate each one of my tries/ every short answer and every long lie/every tear to fall from your eye/ all the joy in your heart and sun in your sky/ how many times can we meet/ and each time can we embrace/ each time kissing your face/ your words are fluide, and ive never forgotten the taste/ every story has a begining, it must/ and each one seems to end with us/ every thought that resides in my head/ and all the places these thoughts have lead/ traveled across this plain called "love"/ proving its always you that im thinking of/ when is the last time you pictured my face/ hoping the image would never erase/ and did you hold my images as grace/ sheletering them away in the safest place/ and do you mind if i might ask/ can we still revisit the past?/ and if i reach out to touch you, will it last?/ or will it all be over too fast?/

peace always,

you'd say goodbye to me

pointing her fingers to to her head mimicking the barrel of a gun she'd never see/ she screams if only i had the bullets you'd say goodbye to me/ im lying as i tell her that i can see her is crying/ im fooling her with this elaborate smile that im designing/ and truly im trying, but inside im really dying/ i move to hold her but she trys to get away/ i pull her in tighter, so that maybe she would stay/ i feal her in my arms and tighten my embrace/ i can see her every emotion and the expression on her face/ she whispers can you really still love me.../ i know im not as pretty as a use to be/ through her words i could feel her heartache/ and through her tone i could feel her heart break/

peace always,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Which Ever Way the Wind Blows

where we are going, no one knows/
just give me the direction in which to point my toes/
if we keep going east we'll be lost at sea/
but perhaps thats exactly where i'd like to be/
by the looks of the sky i should'nt go that way/
but you know ill do exactly whatever you say/
the sign up ahead says that we should "stay clear"/
but if you're going there you know i'll be near/
im sure to follow where ever she goes/
drifting which ever way the wind blows/

peace always,



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello im Miserable

hello I’m miserable

cant you tell by the look on my face?
im smiling so hard, I think I might just break

hello im miserable, would you like a taste
it feels so good don’t let it go to waste

if nothing goes well maybe ill get my way
I bet you'll love me on opposite day
I cant sleep at night, but everything’s ok
im sure you'll call to say this, before they take you away
and if I get lucky maybe ill have to pay

I cant hear you now but I see your mouth forming the word
L.O.V.E if I were able to hear it I think it'd sound absurd
you got no acknowledgement, but im sure that’s what you preferred
maybe id love me too, if ever that occurred

hello im miserable, and that’s my only curse
im having such a good time and its only getting worse


Where'd you go?

is there light where you are now?/
i cant find you at the end of my tunnel vision/
you said you'd always be there to love me/ but were you ever truly thinking of me?/
where'd you go when i needed you most?/
you only left behind these concrete thoughts in this lucid shell of your ghost/
there never existed anything more solid than my emotions for you/ but id say one things vapid, are all the things you put me through/
all these three years and some odd days leaves me with a little more distance/
but your nightly visits makes up for all my resistance/
yea i guess i can still feel you even now/
i find its truly amazing that id even know how/
every chance i get to dream of you, what should happen if i take it?/
could you still be there with open arms, and if not would you learn to fake it?/
the thought of you, truly...is always elating/
but until i find you ill still be here always waiting..


Leaving you. (lyrics)

with every moment getting closer , with every minute that pass
another days getting older , and tomorrows never last

Like your finger tips, brushing past my lips
for those brief moments I thought I loved you
And when those moments passed I never thought to ask
Did you love me too.

where do the names go after passing your lips
Where do my hands go after passing your hips
I’m so lost when touching you
I find myself wanting to

Can you believe I’m leaving you.

with every moment getting closer , with every minute that pass
another days getting older , and tomorrows never last

I’m so lost when touching you
I find myself wanting to

Can you believe I’m leaving you.

I don’t believe I’m leaving you..


Abstract Thought (written for asia)

I am abstract simply to agree with a form of independence
so commonly uncommon this form of transcendence
every difference a commodity that seems left untouched
your heart and my expression that I love so much
during these abstract tells your eyes are so wide
like every night in my arms where both ours hearts collide
of course your tears are just food for the who's and what’s
and your emotions just fuel for the if's and buts’
like laughter, which is such a grand idea; can you pin it down and frame it
`and if happiness is a concept can your mind seem to retain it?

Monday, July 13, 2009

drifting ever still (revised)

Vacant sighns of life keeps you here
but your still dead inside
your heart beat still keeps me near
but every night i cried
every moment still fells long
but its getting shoter still
every moment that your gone still seems real
all my heart fell with you
no wonder why im cold
all the things you put me through
are all the things i closley hold
today im falling hard
do you remember all these words
you left with no regard
like thats what i preferred
now this is all i can fell
we're drifting ever still...

First blog

well guys, this is my first blog, im posting this from work at my summer job. lol
haha dont tell my boss. Any who, im a writer as im sure many of you out there are and id thought this would be a great idea to get some of my work out there. ill be posting new poetry and short stories, updates and so on and etc. trying to make this short and not bore you so youll come back to my page one day. lol anyways feel free to read give suggestions and even ideas for something you'd like me nto write about i love new challenges! Aarg!!