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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

forgive me now?

dont let all the emotions overwhelm you.
and all the answers to questions your heart failed to tell you.
nothing more can be said for the both of us.
in the end there is so much hope for us.

come closer to me, let me feel your heart beat.
observe the way i can make you feel more complete.
you can make life a bit easier to live.
love is the only thing id ever ask you to give.
empty all your emotions into my hand, and watch our lives expand.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

dont be lonley anymore

here i am waiting for you with so much anticipation/ hoping in my heart with so much trepedation/ feeling constant cravings always to hold you in my arms/ spilling all my words, hoping you fall for all my charms/ call me whenever you need me, ill drop everything to see you/ and if you help me pick them back up, ill promise never to leave you/ Oh and even if id never say it, with my actions i do implure/ i wont allow from this point on for you to be lonley anymore..


the fucking fun has just arrived/ so how do you do?
i know i look fairly prestigious/ but behind these clothes I'm fairly fucked up too/
no ones perfect, perfectly wearing nice leather shoes/ but we're perfect imperfections when we're breaking all the rule/

i got this habit of breaking free/ after all the shit Ive seen/
i met this girl recently and id love to get inside her or somewhere in between/
see I'm not perfect/ and this desire is probably just a one way thing/
this unprecedented desire/ leaves behind infatuated dreams..

if you cant live without me why arent you dead yet?/ swore that you've loved me every since we've met/useless ass promises that have only been broken/ empty fucking words that should never have been spoken/ telling white lies when you shouldve of been choking...


peace always,

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Once again

darling don't cry i know you miss not being alone.
i saw you fall apart when i left home.
the look in your eyes told me you where just pretending to be strong.
i know you wanted me around, but you just had to prove me wrong.
i cant say im not happy just being away.
but id be lying if i said i didn't miss you day to day.

i remember the way you laugh, the way you cry the way you taste.
and i cant seem to forget your beautiful smile that's going to waste.

there's an envelope in my desk in the drawer farthest to the right.
it holds the letter that you wrote for me when i left you that night.
you sent it a week ago but i received it just yesterday.
it says how much you missed me in these three years that ive been away.

so now im feeling heavy emotions that this time i cant seem to hide.
maybe we can start over if we both forget our pride..

peace always,

life flashes befor the end (final thoughts)


hands shaking. he reaches for his last cigarette, takes a drag.
deliverance is quick, but he's still feeling sick. there's a lot on his mind,
everything's alright but he'll never be fine.

some how he knows she'll leave him tonight.
he'll wake up alone in the bleak of the night.
he knows when he needs it the most.
there will be no one there to hold him close.

rubbing his hands together to fight the cold,
he loosens his tie, he starts to feel old.
his only son just made 21 he left home on a whim
and never looked back to see him again.

now his heart is feeling loose,
it might fall out of his chest.
he looks to the sky, he knows he's in distress.
stubborn to the end, hes smiling he refuses to cry.
maybe its easier just to die.
he's smiling he refuses to cry

peace always,

Monday, January 4, 2010

the thruth is goodbye

sorry.. i should've told you we were through/ all this time you thought it was you/ but i've already found someone new/ this is goodbye in all truth/ but dont you cry you'll give yourself away/and if you did id have nothing left to say/ well its not my desire to leave you here all broken up/ but as fate would have it thats just our luck

peace always,