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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


the fucking fun has just arrived/ so how do you do?
i know i look fairly prestigious/ but behind these clothes I'm fairly fucked up too/
no ones perfect, perfectly wearing nice leather shoes/ but we're perfect imperfections when we're breaking all the rule/

i got this habit of breaking free/ after all the shit Ive seen/
i met this girl recently and id love to get inside her or somewhere in between/
see I'm not perfect/ and this desire is probably just a one way thing/
this unprecedented desire/ leaves behind infatuated dreams..

if you cant live without me why arent you dead yet?/ swore that you've loved me every since we've met/useless ass promises that have only been broken/ empty fucking words that should never have been spoken/ telling white lies when you shouldve of been choking...


peace always,